1. bntailor:

    Irish Linen Stripe Sports Coat by B&TAILOR


  2. ethandesu:

    Eidos at Winter Pitti

    The boys!


  3. either—or:



    thank you

    thank you for the journey of a lifetime

    thank you for the friendships

    thank you for the dreams

    thank you for the lessons

    grazie mille

    Thank you.

    Niente sarà più lo stesso senza.


  4. natashakills:

    missing someone you will never see again is really painful. i feel like my insides are all twisted up.


  5. jhilla:

    Antonio Liverano.

    Casual elegance.

    (via thearmoury)


  6. voxsart:


    Harold Sakata, Sean Connery, and Gert Fröbe.

    Oddjob doing his thing


  7. It’s so incredibly hard


  8. (Source: agnelli-esque)


  9. bntailor:

    Black Tuxedo

    I’m a fan of this shape and silhouette


  10. carsonstreet:

    Carson Street turned one today! Thanks to everyone who’s supported and shopped with us. 

    Great bunch of guys