1. natashakills:

    missing someone you will never see again is really painful. i feel like my insides are all twisted up.


  2. jhilla:

    Antonio Liverano.

    Casual elegance.

    (via thearmoury)


  3. voxsart:


    Harold Sakata, Sean Connery, and Gert Fröbe.

    Oddjob doing his thing


  4. It’s so incredibly hard


  5. (Source: agnelli-esque)


  6. bntailor:

    Black Tuxedo

    I’m a fan of this shape and silhouette


  7. carsonstreet:

    Carson Street turned one today! Thanks to everyone who’s supported and shopped with us. 

    Great bunch of guys


  8. Slim


  9. It’s time for some warm weather, courtesy of Slim Aarons. 


  10. (Source: voxsart, via sartorialdoctrine)