1. Antonio Ciongoli - Creative Director of Eidos interviewed by Esquire

    ESQ:"When you look past next season, to two or three seasons from now, what gets you most excited?"

    AC: ”I’m excited that there’s an option like this for guys like me. I always joke that designers become designers because they want to wear the clothing they can’t find. I’m an Italian kid from Vermont, right? I love the Neopolitan aesthetic, but I want it to be a little bit easier. Obviously, I’m a younger guy and I’m not at the level right now where I can afford Isaia, and I love the idea of having something like this exist in a full lifestyle that is accessible. That’s what I’m most excited about: reaching a broad demographic with a product that’s fun, colorful, easy to wear, sophisticated, accessible, made really well, and available at a decent price that’s actually attainable. That’s something that’s been missing, and something that we’re providing.”

    Very exciting stuff. 

    (Source: esquire.com)

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